10 February 2011

Romance Round the Net

Promo is one of those things in a writer's life that is fun but daunting. Who on earth would be willing to host us on their blog? Well, if you're a romance author, Ashlyn Chase has put together a list of bloggers/sites willing to do so. Huge thanks, Ashlyn.

Jessica Hart is talking structure and problems (the ones your characters have, not your writing hiccups).

Jackie Burris, Housewife Blues and Chihuahua Stories blogger, has a contest running till the end of February -- leave a comment on one of her posts to go in the draw to win a book up to US$10 from the Book Depository. It's open to international readers. Anywhere the Book Depository delivers. Plus a great way to liven your day and meet new people :)

ShelleyRae from BookdOut is also part of a book giveaway, the Follower Love Giveaway Hop.

Do you have a sexy paranormal novella ready to rock 'n' roll? Harlequin has a contest open to pitch to an editor. It's for their Nocturne Bites line.

Anything tech-related is tough for me. Fortunately, other authors are beyond savvy. They're downright tech-experts and generous. Tia Nevitt has put together links and a guide for turning just about any device -- yup, that includes the computer you're using right now -- into an ereader. So if you want to read digital books, you can!

Holly at Long and Short Romance just reviewed "Angel Thief" and gave it 4 stars! Happiness!


  1. On my tiny blog, it's more of a whisper, but happy to help :)

  2. I have those whispers too Jenny, that is why it is nice to network the blog posts to Twitter and Facebook so they reach more people....

    Of course having certain "Tags" like INTERNATIONAL does the trick too sometimes!

  3. Congrats on the LSR review! Well-deserved!

  4. Great ideas, Jackie. Hmm, now that I'm a page over at Facebook (and that is such a weird description), I should look into feeding it my blog.

    Thanks, Liz. The review popped up on Google Alerts and was such a great surprise :)

  5. Thanks for shout out Jenny!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out


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