01 February 2011

Writing Update

Well, January defeated me. I failed to meet any of my self-imposed writing deadlines. This would depress me except for the fact the novella and novel I'm writing will be better for the extra time/plotting tangles they've insisted on.

Hugh and Niki in Persian Flames brought an intensity to their relationship that took me by surprise. I could hardly tell them, "hey, guys, chill", so instead I've had to balance it with humour and ensure the suspense/danger element of the story matches the intensity of the relationship development.

This weekend I finished Angela James's Before You Hit Send self-editing workshop. I know I'm published with Carina Press and Angela's their executive editor and a lovely person, so you might be thinking that I'd say something nice about the workshop even if it sucked. But the truth is, the workshop is brilliant. It's about writing as a craft and the online workshop format suits perfectly. Adverbs, dangling participles and passive writing, not to mention commas, pacing and the kitchen sink (by which I mean it covers everything). For serious writers, this is a seriously good tool and a reminder to build our craft skills.

Finally, my second post for 2011 The Year of the Stereotype is up at my eHarlequin blog. For February I'm tackling alpha heroes. Can you have a romance novel without one?


  1. Ref: editing workshop

    I haven't had time to read through all the posts yet, but I copied them to a document so I could read them at my leisure. I've really enjoyed what I've found so far.

    I expected it to be stuffy, but I liked the interactions and the way it was presented.

  2. Yup, Angela runs a friendly workshop, but some days my brain just buzzed with notes-to-self. I can see this writing gig is continual learning :)


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