08 February 2011

Writing Update

The project that's front and centre is finishing "Persian Dreams". Ideally, I'd have sub'd it to Carina Press by now. But no. I had to toss the first draft and start from scratch because of a plot hole. The new story has oomph, but the oomph is complicated, emotional and tough to write. I want the readers' experience to be effortless, so they can sink into the emotion. But unravelling the complex characters so readers can know and love them is tough. The MS has chewed up and spat out my timeline.

At the back of my mind, "Shards" (my UF novella) is causing similar troubles. I don't have to start from scratch, but when I return to it, there will be significant revision. It requires a huge investment of yet more world building, adjusting the hero's personal situation and conflict, and looking ahead to setting up a potential series. That's right. Instead of a stand alone novella, "Shards" has decided to become a full length novel and kick off a series. 

Is it any wonder I'm feeling a tad crazy? I haven't even mentioned the chick-lit paranormal romance novella that's bubbling away. Damn it. The characters are even talking to me! So it needs to be written, too.

Do you think I could clone myself?

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