15 February 2011

Writing Update

Today, I'm admitting two distractions that have torn me away from finishing "Persian Flames", my fourth Out of the Bottle novella.

The first was Facebook. Yes, that octupus we love to hate changed the rules for how pages behave and that lead to a mad scramble to rejig my Facebook presence. I set up a page a while ago, but it was a quiet thing, a place to mention reviews and progress with the Out of the Bottle series. Now, with pages' new ability to "like" one another and comment, my page will be my primary presence on Facebook. I'll still chat with friends as a person (ie not-as-a-page), but if time constraints kick in, the page will be my (for lack of a better word) professional presence and as such, receive what Facebook time I can scrape up.

Confused? Believe me, Facebook's changes confused me for days.

Here I am as a page, http://www.facebook.com/JennySchwartz.author I'd love it if you "liked" me. And if you have your own page identity, shoot me a message or leave a comment on my page wall and I'll like you back.

Also, you might see (if you haven't visited my page before) a new welcome page. [Once you've liked my page, you don't land on the welcome page again -- but you can see it if you're curious. Just visit my page wall, look at the links beneath the profile pic/avatar and click the grey one that says "Welcome!"] What do you think of it? I took an old photo of a black swan, cropped it and added my name and tag (no, not a graffiti tag, just an explanation that I'm an "Australian paranormal romance author) and saved the new file to the appropriate for Facebook pages 500 pixels wide. That's high level tech skills for me. And it worked! Huge thanks to awesome Amy Atwell and Tia Nevitt for explaining how to create a static Facebook page. Who knew it could be so (nearly) painless?

Okay, enough about Facebook.

The second distraction I'm admitting to is a short story that conked me on the head, yesterday. I had to step away from "Persian Flames" and write a short, emotional contemporary. We'll have to see if I can find a market for it. The interesting thing was how grounded I felt after writing a contemporary. Makes me wonder if there are benefits in  stepping out of the paranormal world occasionally.

Anyway, that's it. I have rambled unbelievably this morning. I hope your writing and lives are going smoothly -- and remember, any hiccups can be cured with a spoonful of sugar :)

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