22 February 2011

Writing Update

The first draft of "Persian Flames" is done! I'm too close to it at the moment to reflect on how it works -- the emotion, the conflict, the magic -- and then there's the description. With the fabulous Iranian setting, have I brought it alive? So much stuff to review, but the first draft is done and I am ... relieved. For a while there I thought the characters' intense emotional journey would trap me forever. It will be interesting to see how it reads after it's rested a while (sounds like resting dough!).

All of which leaves me free to tackle a short story idea rattling around in my brain. I want to stick an adult into a boarding school. Something light and a touch old-fashioned and submit the story to "My Weekly".

Plus "Untitled" is my newest project. A paranormal romance novella, minus the suspense of the Out of the Bottle series, but with an Australian flavour and flirtation. Hopefully, the beginning of an "Australian Fey" series.


  1. An Australian fey series would be so cool. I'm so over Celtic tropes. Sounds like you're on a roll, Jammy! (Geddit? Jam roll. Ha ha. Sometimes I slay me.)

  2. You had to mention jam roll as it nears morning tea time! and I was trying to be good. Trying. Ah well ...

    Glad "Australian fey" hooked you. It's obsessing me.

    I'm off to kick some weather gods. We're in drought while the rest of Australia is busy building arks.

    Hope you're well. I read you're going to start Friday blogging at Goodreads (Yup, you're one of the blogs I google reader read and slack off commenting on -- now would be a good time to kick me about that, I'm too hot to run away. You could probably kick me a couple of times). How are Sausage and Cookie settling into dual dog household life?

  3. Hey, I can't throw any stones, I'm a veteran lurker as well! :) Sausage and Cookie are still barely tolerating each other. We move to supervised half-hours in the same room soon. When I feel up to it.

  4. Supervised play dates. It would be funny if it weren't so frustrating. Dogs!


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