07 March 2011

Meet Minerva

Meet my writing buddy, Minerva. Usually she sits on the edge of my desk, but I’ve taken her out into the sunlight for a clearer photo. She’s carved from zebra stone, which is found only in north west Australia, my home State. You can see where it's mined, here.

Minerva is the goddess of wisdom. But my writing buddy is also named to honour the early romance publisher, Minerva Press, who were publishing gothic and sentimental romances back in the Regency era and earlier!

Being hand carved, Minerva is a reminder of human creativity and how it enriches the world. That reminder carries me through the dry and doubting times that affect us all.


  1. I've never heard of zebra stone. Cool.

  2. If there's one thing West Australia has, it's a lot of rock. We cart it off to huge ships on multi-kilometre long trains -- I'm talking iron ore. But as with zebra stone, there's tons of other stuff out there. The issue is finding a use for it -- and because I'm a romantic at heart, I often think the best use is to leave it in the ground and admire the landscape -- what would the miners say!

  3. I haven't heard of zebra stone either. Very cool writing buddy!

  4. Oh Minerva is cute!!! I've got Scooby Doo on my desk ;))

    Fascinating re the zebra stone.

  5. Hi Shelley -- I have to admit, zebra stone was new to me, too, until I met Minerva ;)

    Eleni, another Scooby Doo fan! I love the cowardly dog :)


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