25 March 2011

Pink diamonds

I'm not a jewellery person. In fact, I can only remember one piece of jewellery I absolutely had to have, and it was an amber and turquoise necklace. Orange and green. Yes, there's something a bit strange about my fashion tastes, but that's a whole 'nother post.

No, I'm not a jewellery person and in particular, I'm not a diamonds person. I think they're an expensive cheat on glass. But, I am willing to make an exception for pink diamonds from the Argyle mine in north west Australia. Partly this is parochialism. Partly it's the whole blood diamonds issue. And partly it's my preference for colour!

There is also the romance of the Kimberley region where the diamonds are mined, an ancient landscape with dramatic scenery, unrecorded species and a seductive sense of timelessness.

All of which leads me to share the Argyle Diamond Mine's photo collection link here on a weirdness Friday -- because it is weird, assigning so much value to lumps of rock no matter how shiny.


  1. For me the jewelry is jade. Love the different shades of green.

  2. I'd forgotten jade. Do you have some of the New Zealand greenstone? I have a lovely (if touristy) pendant which reminds me of moss, only it's smooth. You're right, the shades of green in jade are lovely. A friend's mum, who is Vietnamese, says that the more you wear your jade, the lovelier the colour, but if you get sick, the jade will too, and it'll go a weird green.


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