03 March 2011

Romance Round the Net

If you write and sub women's fiction short stories, you might be interested in the discussion over at Womag Writer. Are editors hanging onto stories longer, without actually committing to them?

As a Regency reader from way back, this post over at Peter the Wild Boy caught my eye. What does a duke do when he's resigned his commission? Interior decorating!

Heather over at We Write Romance has a great post on Facebook's (and the Net generally) distracting properties. Time waster or writers' salvation? It does help build an online community and link us into it. [ie if you're reading this post, you are not wasting your time :)]

Sarah, the Librarian in Black, suggests a ebook reader's Bill of Rights.

And Jane over at Dear Author mentioned this post from Samhain's editor on authors and reviews. Reviews are for readers. As a reader (and someone who shares her bookish thoughts on Goodreads) I get this ... but as an author, when it's my book, oh wow. Then I suffer thin-skin disease. Still, I'd add the point that a constructive review is always a gift (to an author) even when it comes with a low rating. Honest feedback -- you can't beat it.

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