10 March 2011

Romance Round the Net

I'm a bit late, today, in sharing links I've found around the Net this week. In fact, I've spent the week obsessed with my plans to buy a Kindle. I've been hoping Amazon would drop the price in response to the IPAD2's launch, but if they haven't by Saturday, I'm buying anyway! I have a list of wishlist books and I'm raring to go. Yup, even though the rumours are that in November, Amazon will be giving kindles away! [Do I believe this? not sure]

Speaking of kindle obsession. I discovered (belatedly) the kindleboards.com Great place, fantastic (and some familiar) people :)

And carrying on the digital reading experience, Carol Stephenson shared this exciting article -- autographing your ebook! Woohoo!

Sara, Librarian in Black, posted on the activism of librarians re access to digital content. It's not the first time librarians have been heroes. Remember when they fought to refuse the government access to borrowers' records post 9/11?

The problem with only sharing links once a week is that by the time I get 'round to it, the most exciting news has been chewed over so much it feels like last year's news. So, I haven't mentioned the launch of Avon's digital line, Impulse.

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