30 March 2011


PSM V04 D281 Small viperine snake
No, I know it's not a carpet python. But I like it.

Steampunk is dangerous. I keep thinking of ideas for the alternate history I'm creating -- Western Australia in the 1890s was never like this! Maybe all the ideas won't make it into the final draft, but what do you think of a solar powered oven? or maybe the settlers never introduced cats. Maybe they kept the rats and mice population in check with pet carpet pythons? and then there's the whole goldrush deal. Can you imagine the steam-powered pianolas, the automated dancing girls, the pubs with no beer ... hang on, Slim Dusty, what are you doing in my mind? ...


  1. LOL - I can tell you're having fun with your story. Um, are you sure the pub you found didn't have beer? *grin*

  2. Well, the pub didn't have any beer after I left! LOL


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