14 March 2011

Too many visions

Trawling through my list of interesting-sites-stumbled-across, I rediscovered this page of work by artist Karen Seapker. Gorgeous. Clarity, violence and colour.

So how did I forget I had the site bookmarked?

I'm wondering whether the huge visual smorgasbord of the Net is creating indigestion. I don't have time to enjoy one meal before moving on to the next. If I can see this with visual art, is it the same situation with the books I'm reading. How many do I actually remember, and how many blur into forgettable entertainment? Does it matter?

I guess it matters if I'm reading for something more than entertainment--which I do, on occasion. But, given the amount of time lost to mindless TV, I'm not going to beat myself up for enjoying books and art that then slip my (ageing!) mind.

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