22 March 2011

Writing Update

I'm finishing up the third draft of Persian Flames. The fourth Out of the Bottle novella has been a challenging writing journey. Lots of internal conflict and a decidedly magical external conflict. Plus, any story with a child in jeopardy tugs at my heartstrings -- even when I know there will be a happy ending.

It's taught me something about how I write, though.

The first draft is where I get the story down, untangling motivations and developing character, roughing out the action. The second draft is all about structure. Have I got the pacing right? enough description? does it work? The third draft is language: over-used words, passive sentences, punctuation, italics for present tense thoughts.


  1. I can't imagine writing any other way -- though it makes the mid-book slump of the first draft incredibly, teeth-pullingly painful. Let's not think about it!


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