29 March 2011

Writing Update

Happy busy at the moment. Last week I submitted the complete MS for "Persian Flames" to Deb, my editor at Carina Press. I'm hoping she'll love this fourth outing in the Out of the Bottle series. And who can't love a djinni afraid of freedom? Like Niki (the djinn heroine) I think we all have times when we're afraid of the possibilities open to us.

So, with one MS sub'd, I'm working on my Steampunk novella. In a way I'm grateful for the tight deadline (subs in by May 15 for this open call from Carina Press). It means that rather than lose myself in research -- which is very tempting -- research time has to be rationed, and the emphasis on writing like a demon.

I have to admit, re-writing West Australian history is huge fun. I'm having a blast. But busy, very busy.

I'm thinking, though, that I'll have to find time to buy a copy of The Steampunk Bible.


  1. Thanks for the link to the Steampunk Bible! Had no idea such a thing existed.

  2. It sounds totally cool. I've gone and pre-ordered. I think it's out May 1, which means it probably won't get here till I've had to sub my Carina Press open call novella, but them's the breaks :)


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