04 April 2011


A blog is a work in progress. Even a quiet one like mine evolves. I try new things. Some work, like having a posting framework of Tuesdays for writing updates, Thursdays for a round up of romance publishing news/advice, etc. Some don't, like Guest Author Mondays.

I love having guest authors visit and that won't change. But I'm no longer going to lock in Mondays. Guest authors will simply be a lovely surprise any day -- which releases Mondays to be a different sort of day in my posting framework. In fact, I'm thinking Mondays will be Book Day.

Yes, I post my two sentence reviews over at Goodreads and enjoy following group discussions there. But sometimes it's not really a review I want to share, just some rambly thoughts sparked by a particular book. So, from here on, Mondays are Book Day -- and we'll all see how that works!

And no, I'm not telling you what next week's book will be -- because I'm mean that way *grin*


  1. Oh goodie! That will make my Mondays more bearable. Many of my recent favourites have come from your booklist and reviews... much easier than trolling through ebook sites looking for something decent to read! :)

  2. Have you had time to read "River Marked" yet? I'm already contemplating a re-read...it was that good.

    Ya know, I think I might kick off with a non-fiction book. Hmm. Or there's my favourite ever poetry anthology...

    I'm really quite excited to have a chance to ramble about books.

  3. *sigh* Been stuck on brochures... I'm determined to ignore all the gardening chores this weekend and finally read it!

  4. and cool weather! We're finally going to have cool weather!!! All the exclamation marks in the world can't express how happy I am at the thought of cool weather and rain :)


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