27 April 2011

Magic Carpet

Ковёр-самолет. 1919-1926
by Victor Vasnetsov

I'm well aware that in this litigious age, no one could risk selling a magic carpet. Imagine if someone fell off! No guard rails, it actually flew above the ground, no seat belts. Horrors!

But imagine if we could get something that floated along, like a hovercraft but less temperamental. Imagine how it would change our lives, especially if it came with voice control and drove itself. Just imagine flying to work or home from a party. Do you think birds would start hitching rides on the carpets?


  1. What a lovely cover. it makes me dream.

  2. Me, too. Such a romantic image. Of course, what no one considers is how cold the air is up there ... but then, magic isn't about commonsense ;)


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