07 April 2011

Romance Round the Net

A few months from now Harlequin will launch its second "So You Think You Can Write" program. If there's something you'd like included in it, check out their call for questions.

I recently joined the All Romance ebooks Cafe. It's such a lovely space. If you're over there, feel free to friend me. Otherwise I shall hunt you down and friend you anyway! :)

What else? Here Be Magic is plotting. No, we're not aiming to take over the world (although we'd make a damn fine job of it if we did -- Carina Press Co-dictators Unite!). A fantasy blog needs some fantastic events, so we're plotting. Stay tuned.

This is the first time I've seen a book directly inspiring a dress. I read "The Egg and I" years ago, and was delighted to stumble across the dress on Tumblr. (And yes, I have already tweeted about this, but I can't resist sharing it again)

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