14 April 2011

Romance Round the Net

So I've been talking (obsessing) about Steampunk, but have I defined it, shared the magic/appeal? No. Fortunately, there's a great article by Dru Pagliossotti that breaks it down into steam and punk -- gaslight fantastic tech and social critique. The suggestion is also out there that without the punk (the social critique) what a lot of people are writing -- and reading! -- is actually Steampulp. I've read some stuff I'd call Steampulp, and it's pretty good. No, I won't be naming names because some people think "pulp" is an insult. The thing is you don't always want to read sharp, insightful social critiques. Sometimes you just want a rollicking adventure.

I thoroughly enjoyed Sarah from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books "Overheard at RT". Read to the end. Romance writers really are wonderful people.

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