21 April 2011

Romance Round the Net

Late post this morning. I think I need the Easter long break. Not to do anything exciting, just to maybe do nothing. Oh, that sounds blissful. Perhaps find time to indulge in Lisa Shearin's latest, "Con and Conjure".

Anyhow, it's not the weekend yet, so ... here's the news:

I guess I'd call it a Writers' Collective, authors getting together to release digital books. I'm interested in Walk on the Wild Side Books, though they aren't the first to go this path. Will there be more collectives in the future?

Ilona Andrews explains best-seller lists, supporting favourite authors, and the bottomline ... buying the book (any time) is enough to make most of us euphoric :)

So you've all heard Amazon and Overdrive are getting together to do library lending via kindle (and please let this come to Australia!), but what are the details? How will it work? and how will it impact libraries? readers and authors? I think the Librarian in Black's discussion is a great place to start.

Thinking of self-publishing? Read Kathleen Dienne's experience so far. Tech challenges, lies and doing it for yourself!

I thoroughly enjoyed Sarah Allen's short post on Quintessence.

Maria Zannini throws open her blog to comments on Facebook's Pages. Do authors need an author page (as opposed to a personal profile like a normal person)? How do they use it? How do people like interacting with a page-person?

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