28 April 2011

Romance Round the Net

Jim Macdonald has guru status for me. He taught me so much about writing in his "Uncle Jim" thread over at Absolute Write. The other day I saw his post on Yog's Law at Making Light. Important point that even in self-publishing, money has to flow to the author. Sounds obvious, but I know in my own life enthusiasm can outweigh caution and leave me crying.

Over at Bookends, LLC Jessica makes the short, sweet and true point -- if you're on Twitter, be interesting. *sigh* for some of us (looking in mirror) that's a tough ask. And when writing a query, keep it brief.

Kaz at Fusion Dispatches has a necessary beware for tech dumbies like me and trusting our data to The Cloud.

Finally, from history (via Past Horizons) an article on the power of stories (ie propaganda) and Prince Rupert's dog.


  1. Gads, am I slack or what??? Thanks for the shout-out Jammy. I'll see if I can come out with more useful geeky stuff in future.

  2. Useful geeky stuff is always good -- I need that stuff explained in one syllable words. Then I panic :) Ignorance can be deceptively peaceful.


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