12 April 2011

Writing Update

The steampunk novella is so much fun. I love writing an Aussie Wild West with civilisation intruding and new inventions changing everything. Perhaps the most satisfying aspect of Steampunk is its optimism. The confidence of the Victorian era combined with modern sensibilities.

At the back of my mind I'm beginning to turn over ideas for a category romance. We'll see. The ideas can stew while I steampunk, and then, I'll see if they're worth pursuing. Do I want to write a hot, hot alpha male? Are you kidding? 'Course I do! The issue is will the story have enough conflict.


  1. I am excited about this!! I LOVE steampunk :D

  2. Me, too! the loving steampunk -- wasn't Meljean's world building incredible in "The Iron Duke"? My story is really light by comparison, but hey, laughter is good :)

    Now, I'm off to write my heroine into the clutches of the villain. Can the hero rescue her? or will she kick bustle and rescue herself? *grin*

    I am having fun!

  3. Aussie WIld West?! I am so there.

  4. Cool! It's so much fun writing about a place I know and love -- even if I'm playing with it's real history! Ssh, don't tell my old uni lecturers.


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