19 April 2011

Writing Update

Great news this week!

First, Deb (my wonderful editor) sent back Persian Flames with a "No, but..." and a fantastic critique, which means I have a chance to revise and resub, with the benefit of her expertise. Am I happy? You bet.

But before jumping back into my angel and djinni world, I have a steampunk novella to submit to Angela by May 15. How's that going you ask?

Beautifully. I finished the first draft Friday. I'd have danced with joy, but was too tired, it being Friday and all. So I settled for a quick trip to the library, which somehow grew to include a newsagent pit stop (must buy The Guardian Weekly) and as always, "just a few things" from the supermarket.

Third, Three Wishes (releases May 23) is already available for review at Netgalley. Some of my writing time this month will have to go to promo posts -- and I love writing them!

Hope y'all are having a brilliant week, too :)


  1. Sounds great. Today was pretty good for me too. One of the last chapters in the new book worked the way I wanted it too--of course it is the first draft. And I figured out something technical for my blog. tomorrow is another day.

  2. Thanks, Elise :)

    Everyone complains about mid-book slump when writing, but sorting out those last chapters can hold me up for ages. Congrats!

    As for blogs -- any time I sort out anything vaguely technical, you'd think I'd just discovered Relativity or something *grin*

    Glad we're both having good weeks!


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