26 April 2011

Writing Update

Fingers crossed, I'm going to get my steampunk novella in to Carina Press by the May 15 deadline for winter themed novellas. I've pushed it aside, hoping for enough distance that I can objectively revise it before then.

Meantime, promo posts for the release of Three Wishes on May 23 are going well. Once the buy link goes up on Carina's website, I should be able to get the posts out to the lovely people allowing me to visit their blogs. I'm aiming for May 1.

(and as a side note, I'm finding American style increasingly creeping into my writing. Look at me -- putting the day after the month)


  1. Ref: Look at me -- putting the day after the month)

    OMG! What's next? The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? LOL.

    Good luck on your deadline.

  2. The Four Horseman and Mrs Johnson, my fifth grade teacher. The power of teachers is awesome. I still flinch when I start a sentence with "and", although I do so frequently.


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