25 May 2011

Greed is ... um ... Good?

Okay, so maybe I'm a touch greedy. I'm definitely lucky. I'm posting at two cool blogs today -- Manic Readers on "Dressing a Djinni" -- it's tough -- and Carina Press on celebrating happy ever afters.

But this is Improbability Wednesday at this blog. The day when I rid my brain of weird ideas (by inflicting the musings on you) and so, enable my brain to continue sensible(ish) plotting on the next story.

Greed. I got thinking, what if neuroscience discovers the particular chemicals/brain stimulation/pleasure feedback response/whatever they call it, and greed becomes a behaviour we can manage chemically rather than with willpower.

Would people choose not to be greedy? And what would be the result? Would our sense of possessiveness vanish? How would our motivations alter? Would we be blissed out or depressed if consumption and possession for their own sake ceased to be rewarding?

I can't imagine giving up my greed for new books to read. One of the joys of life.

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