04 May 2011

No, It's Not Reincarnation

Ever walked through a building or garden or looked a magpie in the eye and felt as if you've encountered a human presence?

Well, probably not with magpies -- vicious, swooping monsters.

I was thinking of heaven ... as you do when the brain is too tired to fall asleep (ah insomnia, source of so much weirdness) ... and I thought "What if heaven includes experience passes?" So, like a travel pass, you can choose to experience earthly phenomena from the perspective of a rock or a tulip or even a blue whale. You don't become any of them, but you pass through them.

Yup, I probably should try counting sheep instead *grin*


  1. I found this interesting because when I dream, I enter into the pov of all the other characters and things in the dream.

    Male, female, animal, plant, rock. I know what each of them are thinking as they pass through the dream.

    --sorry about your insomnia.

  2. Maria, now I'm envying your dreams! I've never had that shifting POV experience. Sounds cool.

    My insomnia is pretty minimal these days -- having cut the coffee (none in the afternoon, or only rarely), and trying not to think of ideas/writing after dinner -- yeah, good luck on that one *wry grin* So I can't really put in a claim for sympathy...I get my 8 hours and am hugely thankful.


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