05 May 2011

Romance Round the Net

Kylie Griffin is a very generous author who shares great links on the Romance Writers of Australia discussion groups. Just recently she shared the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood's Liz Bemis's advice on authors' websites.

Media Bistro explains a Twitter conundrum, why the people you've followed haven't followed you back.

Keira at Love Romance Passion has a great list (actually it's a poll) on hero titles -- laird or sheikh? tycoon, perhaps? all alphas

And Evil Wylie balances that list with the job titles no romance hero admits to.

David Niall Wilson at Storytellers Unplugged makes an important point about saving our words. Yes, I know (hope) you have back ups of what you're working on. But can you get hold of your earliest work? Do you have those files stashed somewhere accessible?

Patricia Wrede on fiction as a model of the real world -- and what have you left out?

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