12 May 2011

Romance Round the Net

Maria Zaninni interviewed Deb Nemeth and the result is advice for writers to live by. Deb is a fab editor.

Lori Lake makes a valid point about the increasingly crowded world of self-published books. Early adopters have an initial advantage, but will they be able to continue to build name recognition and sales in a crowded arena? Let alone the situation for non-early adopters.

How do readers find authors and their books? (Sorry, no answers. Just musing)

Do's and don't's of blogs and website presentation by Paula Roe.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Jenny.

    I find most of my new books through book bloggers. If I like the book, then I dig deeper and learn more about the author.

  2. It was a great interview with Deb -- I hope lots of people saw her advice.

    And I think that, like you, I'm increasingly depending on book bloggers for new book recs.


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