19 May 2011

Romance Round the Net

Today I'm guest posting over at Dark Side Down Under AND giving away a copy of Three Wishes. Just leave a  comment at my DSU post to go in the draw. What am I talking about? Hats and villiany.

I guess you know I scrapbook pretty pictures over at Tumblr. Well, Harlequin recently set up their page over there and in addition to their gorgeous cover images, they're also sharing great tips and insights into the writing/editing/publishing world. I like this paragraph by editor Patience Bloom on how to write romantic suspense. Looks like Tumblr is going to mean more than pretty pictures.

Lynn Jordan talks about finding subjects to blog about. I think this is both easy and hard. Easy for me, since I don't worry about popularity and simply blog about what interests me. Hard because part of me knows I'm not making best use of my online time if I'm not *jargon alert* driving traffic to my blog. But you know, really, I look at my blog as a long term part of my online presence and I'd rather be interesting and interested than chase SEO.

Patricia Wrede starts an interesting discussion on truth and fiction. In fact, it's sparked so many ideas for me, I might end up with a whole blog post on it. Y'see, once upon a time I studied Sociology and that (along with Literature courses) exposed me to the whole idea that there is no one truth and that we all "read" (interpret and create) the text we're, ahem, reading. It's a totally confusing idea (deconstruction), but also useful. Patricia goes at the issue from a different direction, that of the author knowing they can't discuss every truth in their fiction and how they choose and deal with the fall out of readers not finding or disputing the truths included in a story. Hmm.

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