30 May 2011

The Urge to Jump by Trisha Ashley

I've mentioned before about how much I like "The Urge to Jump" by Trisha Ashley. Seems it's not quite as easy as it once was to get hold of, but it remains the one and only book I've read which, written in the present tense, I still love.

Present tense, how you bother me.

Some people enjoy the immediacy of the present tense. Not me. I like the reflective nature of the past tense. It is familiar, comforting.

And then comes synopsis writing -- which demands present tense. Argh! It's unnatural!

But, back to "The Urge to Jump". Why do I like it so? Well, apart from the strong narrator and splendid wry humour, the heroine is a bossy, opinionated writer. Ha!

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