20 May 2011

Where do pets come from?

Happy Valentines Day!
With huge thanks to Lulu for sharing her gorgeous photos on Flickr
Given the release of Three Wishes next week (squee!) I've been thinking of things Syrian -- since Syria's the setting for the story. And of all extraordinary things to discover, the hamster is from Syria.

Now, the rational part of me knows pets have to originate somewhere, but the irrational part of my mind insists that pets have always been pets. Silly, I know. Especially when the cute budgerigar is wild here in Australia.


  1. Oh interesting. At our local pet shop, they actually sell "Syrian hamsters". I just thought it was a way of making hamsters sound exotic but obviously not. Who knew?

  2. I love Hamsters, but only in the pet store... My cats would think they were something that had to be stalked and murdered so cannot have one in the house... Plus could not stand the strong smell from one more pet that I have to clean up waste from, but I did love having a pet hedgehog for a few years until moved and had to give it away... (that was before the aforementioned cats too)

  3. Kaz -- that's neat. I can't imagine any of the pet shops around here knowing hamsters are from Syria.

    Jackie -- I can't believe you had a hedgehog. I thought they were English only (showing my ignorance). How cool!

  4. Yes they have many pet shops in Texas that sell hedgehogs Jenny, I got mine from a private breeder and they were adorable!

    My husband and I want a "Sugar" Glider but since they are very expensive and totally nocturnal we decided not to get one... However a friend of mine had pet rats too and they were the ugliest things on the planet but the sweetest temperament pets I have ever seen...

    I love to go through a pet shop and see all the "exotics" for sale and at the same time it is like going to a zoo, very depressing!

  5. Sugar gliders are cute. But I'm with you -- pet shops and zoos are depressing. Talking of strange almost pets, my great uncle has bandicoots at his home. I'm sure they're not meant to eat cheese, but when he hand feeds them...they eat anything!

    Southern brown bandicoots look like http://www.biosphere.org.au/projects/bandicoots/index.html

  6. Interesting article Jenny, thanks for sharing... I think the critter looks like a giant rat but it's waste looks like that of my Chihuahua so maybe it is about his size in weight less than 10 pounds...

    I think maybe your Uncle needs to rethink the cheese, sounds like their normal diet does not include dairy products and it may even be harmful to them....

  7. My great uncle needs to rethink a lot of things. Most importantly -- driving, at his age and infirmity. Unfortunately, his deafness is only matched by his stubborness. He's defeated family, health authorities and all bureaucrats to date. The bandicoots will have to look out for themselves -- which they do -- they eat the cat's food! Daredevils :)


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