03 May 2011

Writing Update

Fortified with chocolate, I tackled promo for the May 23 release of Three Wishes. I love visiting people and chatting about interesting topics. It never fails to amaze me, the weird stuff people know. However, it is work preparing those posts. Writing them is the fun part. Getting the links to work and the photos to post and every other fiddly detail in place -- that's where my non-techie mind explodes. Still, as I said, I had chocolate and that soothed me when Blogger did something weird (let's not even mention Wordpress *shudder*).

I'm crawling to a definition of the writer/author divide that says "writers write, but authors write and do promo". And I'm tempted to think that's true even of unpublished authors. But (you object) what sort of promo is required if you don't have a book/story/poem in print? Well, being part of the writing/publishing community, membership of author groups, Twitter and Facebook participation, a blog, even a website. Promo is about telling anyone who is interested (and even those who aren't) that you're serious about your writing. If you take it seriously, so do other people.

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