17 May 2011

Writing Update


I could weave you a doleful story about how dreadful and dreadfully hard work revisions are -- and all without a guarantee the manuscript will contracted at the end. I could -- but that would be lying.

I love revisions, and Deb Nemeth is responsible. Her crit of Persian Flames caused little light bulbs to ping all over my brain and the story will be so much stronger as a result. Plus, brace yourselves, with one thing leading to another, I now have an idea for a fifth Out of the Bottle novella. Such a good idea, if I can swing the myth-building.

But for now, it's revision time. Richer character development. Agonising tension. What more can a writer ask for? (the chocolate is in the fridge!)


  1. Deb is so insightful. I love her feedback.

  2. Me too. I sit and stare at her crits and wonder how she could possibly identify the issues and then explain them so clearly (and tactfully) to blind old me. Deb is priceless.


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