24 May 2011

Writing Update

My primary focus this week is the release of Three Wishes. But revisions for Persian Flames are well underway. The ending is now so tense, I got worried writing it -- and I knew there'd be a happy ending!

Mid-release week is not the ideal time to be planning future projects -- or maybe it is? Either way, I'm thinking about a fifth Out of the Bottle novella, staying in the Middle East but ... whisper it ... adding in a demon heroine. Question is, can I alter the mythology to allow a demon to love? Not sure. Yelena, on the other hand, has no such doubts and is demanding her story. I have to admit, I want to meet the djinni who'll fight for her.

As for steampunk...I'm fiddling with ideas. Would you believe the Scots ruled the nineteenth century British Empire, but stayed behind the scenes? How about a Scottish villainess? Lots of ideas, but I have to choose one to run with. Maybe I won't go Scots at all. India might be more appropriate, geographic proximity to Australia and all.


  1. Ooh, do it with India. Hardly anyone writes about India and it would be a terrific backdrop.

    --my two cents

  2. I think your input is worth way more than 2 cents, Maria. Also think you're right. *rubs hands gleefully* great excuse to research India and its legends.


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