08 June 2011

Alien Questions

So I was thinking ... say a spaceship landed in the street and an alien wandered into the yard intent on conversation (and possessing a xenotranslating gadget or some such nonsense), what questions would it ask and what questions would I ask it?

'Course, if the conversation began with the alien asking if I was good to eat, I wouldn't hang around to pose a question. But if it was friendly...I guess I'd have to ask if it had met God.

I'm curious whether aliens would believe in a god, and if so, in what form and how that belief impacted their space travel and contact with other species.


  1. I think I'd ask if he wouldn't mind helping me build a goat pen, or weed the garden.

    I'm so single-minded. LOL! Aliens probably deliberately avoid my house so I don't con them into any work.


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