10 June 2011


I understand that when you're starving you'll eat anything ... but frog legs on a fine dining menu? *shudder*

What is it about frogs that humans pick on them so? The first electrical experiments involved reanimating frogs (or at least, making their legs twitch).

Fortunately, some frogs fight back.

May I introduce the blue poison dart frog...

Photo by Adrian Pingstone
via Wikimedia


  1. He's very pretty. I have it on good authority (from hubby) that frog's legs taste a bit like chicken. Me - I'm a vegetarian!

  2. Ewwww. Everyone says every weird animal food tastes like chicken -- I can't argue because I'm not willing to try it.

    I definitely understand the vegetarian decision. Haven't quite managed it, myself. If frog legs were on the menu...I'd be vegetarian :)


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