22 June 2011

Hmmm...Improbability Wednesdays?

Wave 'em good-bye. I've had enough of improbabilities for the moment.

I'm not quite sure what to replace them with. I'm self-indulgently thinking of Whinging Wednesdays, but do you really want to hear me complain and snark and generally carry on? Thought not.

Soooo that leaves me with space on this blog to try something different.

Ha! Inspiration. Twitter has #WW which stands for Writer Wednesday. I'm going to borrow it. Every Wednesday the post will be a cryptic one line -- an awesome author's website.

Simple, classy and building community. I knew I'd have a good idea, one day :)

Author sites will appear in no particular order -- except for Terry Pratchett. I have to kick off with my author hero.

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