02 June 2011

Romance Round the Net

Courtney Milan on Self Publishing over at Dear Author. Post and comments both fascinating. Lesson: Editors are vital.

This study from BPS is fascinating. Apparently all those times we're urged to visualise success...we're defeating ourselves! Positive fantasies make it less likely you'll achieve your dream. So I'm thinking our doubts spur us on. Good thing that, since authors are riddled with worries.

And something more for writers to worry about -- money! Patricia Wrede breaks down the difficulties and unreliability of an author's income.

On the upside, Kensington Brava has a novella comp open, Writing with the Stars.

Also check out the helpful links Kimberly Killion has assembled -- and shared! True generosity.

Why people feel the need to attack romance novels, their readers and their authors, I don't know. But in defence of readers Sarah from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books makes a really important point. It's about happiness. Everyone has a right to their happiness--and romance novels make people happy.

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