13 June 2011

Scandal by Amanda Quick

I just read "Scandal" by Amanda Quick over the weekend. It's a regency romance, sexier than Heyer, but a lot of fun.

Amanda Quick is one of several names Jayne Ann Krentz publishes under (Jayne Castle is her futuristic romances. She's also written as Stephanie James and Jayne Taylor).

A lot of people think of romances as having a formula. Plug a few variables into that formula and you have your story.

Ha! Do those same people tell you it's easy to retile your bathroom? -- just cement a few tiles down, doesn't matter if its waterproof or grows mould.

The joy of reading Jayne Ann Krentz's books is her engaging style, clear characters and the fresh energy she brings to a formula that works for her, book after book. Strong, lonesome hero. Feisty woman with a problem (the problem could well be the hero).

For the reader, that means you have a guarantee that you'll enjoy the story. It's familiar yet ever new.

I have immense respect for Jayne Ann Krentz.

And if you haven't read "Scandal", consider it. Good book!


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