30 June 2011

Winding Down this Blog

I have an awesome record at resisting commonsense, but sometimes even I have to bow to it. My blog needs to be part of my website, and not simply feeding into it.

From today onwards, you can follow my blog at http://authorjennyschwartz.com/blog/ .

Also, depending on how active tech gremlins are, my new blog will feed into my Facebook page (please work, Networked Blogs app) and my Goodreads page.

If you have any problems adding my new blog to your feed reader, please let me know.


  1. All right. I added your new blog to my reader. Are you getting rid of your old one or just migrating your old posts to the new blog?

  2. Thank you! I'm closing this old blog down. It'll stay up as a historical record ;) but I'm going to learn Wordpress or die trying (because Wordpress is my website. I've used their free basic template and just added my photo of a swan to the header).

    I like this blog, but I started it before Carina Press took my first novella and although I want to stay with it, feeding it into Wordpress became a nightmare (multi-duplicate posts) and hopefully having everything in one place will simplify my online life.


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