21 June 2011

Writing Update

Celebrations! Carina Press has accepted my Steampunk novella, Support Your Local Suffragette, and will publish it December 2011. I am so happy it's a wonder I didn't interfere with local air traffic, floating up to Cloud 9.

But now I'm down from Cloud 9 and writing busily. I want a first draft of Dark Oasis finished and tucked away to prove (to use a baking analogy) before I hit hard the revisions on Support Your Local Suffragette.


  1. You are smokin'! That's terrific news. And the title is awesome. I'd buy it for the title alone, it's so catchy.

    Congrats, Jenny!

  2. Woohoo! That's brilliant Jen - extra chocolate for you! :)

  3. Maria -- titles are usually my bugbear. This time I had the title practically before I had the story. Just call me a big ol' James Garner fan :) I love "Support Your Local Sheriff".

    Sis -- definitely extra choc! I was so happy to read Angela's acceptance email I had to re-read to make sure I wasn't dreaming :) Then re-read again and again, just because!

    Thank you both for sharing my excitement :)


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