About Me

Read, write, enjoy life -- it's a pretty good philosophy.

I'm an Australian writer, curious about almost everything and cursed with a tech jinx. Clearly, instead of studying people in History and Sociology at uni, I should have followed conventional wisdom of the day and studied Computing. But...people are far more fascinating. Bewildering, irrational, exuberant, infuriating...but fascinating.

If my tech jinx hasn't danced on my internet connection, you'll find me in half a dozen places online.

My website.

On Twitter @Jenny_Schwartz

On Facebook I have an author page, http://www.facebook.com/JennySchwartz.author


As a member of two spec fiction blogs:
Dark Side DownUnder -- Members of Romance Writers of Australia who write spec fiction
Here Be Magic -- Carina Press authors who write fantasy in all its weird and wonderful variations.

Talking books at Goodreads

And obviously, at this blog. So glad you found me here!